First trimester stats



  • Number of days nauseous: 77
  • Average number of times per day I Googled “[food product] pregnancy” before I ate [food product]: 4
  • Number of food aversions established: 3
  • Number of states the embryo visited: 3
  • Number of chances of being asked stand in a TSA backscatter X-Ray machine: 6
  • Number of TSA backscatter X-Ray machines I was asked (and thus refused) to walk through: 3
  • Number of TSA pat-downs resulting from my refusal: 1
  • Number of weeks I was “on antibiotics” and couldn’t drink alcohol: 2
  • Number of those weeks I spent in Key West: 1
  • Number of times family, friends, and co-workers asked me directly whether I was pregnant: 0 (THANK YOU.)

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