Registry update (1)

I’m doing my best not to judge my worth and ability as a parent based on the registry choices I am making, and I’ve so far received very good advice, mostly telling me not to judge my worth and ability as a parent based on my registry choices.

I’ve decided to go with Target and Babies “R” Us – I am a yuppie after all (or at least aspire to be). They both also offer in-store and online shopping for all of the wonderful friends and family who want to buy us baby gifts. However,


My biggest complaint: Target divides clothing and shoes into boys’ clothing and shoes and girls’ clothing and shoes, with no general “clothing” and “shoes” option. This is infuriating on so many levels. That a distinction exists at all between “boys’ clothes” and “girls’ clothes” is a shame on our society, but specifically it’s a great hindrance to those waiting to find out (or to reveal) the sex of their child. I’ve browsed briefly both categories of clothing and had to stop because it’s made me physically sick.

Babies “R” Us at least offers clothing categories of colors, sizes, and theme in addition to gender. The color yellow yields one result: a layette set that’s not assigned a gender. Hallelujah! Green? One option: “girls'” pajamas. Brown? Only washcloths. White? Three “girls'” options. I’m not even going to bother with pink and blue. Typing “neutral” into the search box yields the most fruitful results. That “neutral” is a category also makes me want to barf.

If you’d like to buy gifts for my child, feel free to buy “boy,” “girl,” or “neutral” clothing, toys, and accessories. I don’t care what genitalia my child has; he or she can play with cars or dolls or Legos. A son with a stethoscope toy will be as much a nurse as a daughter with a stethoscope toy will be a doctor. A daughter’s sports clothing will be the team’s colors, not pink. You get my point.

I am not handling this well.



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  1. Leanne says:

    When i read this entry, I thought about this article I saw on a few weeks ago:

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