Week 24

La bump at La Bonbonniere

On Saturday we had breakfast at La Bonbonniere, the first place we ever ate breakfast in New York City and still my favorite place to eat breakfast in New York City. I ate my three blueberry pancakes before Tim could take my picture, the pancakes I received five minutes after ordering them, as is the norm at La Bonbonniere. This if for no other reason is a great reason to eat breakfast here, especially when pregnant.

Then we took a walk on the High Line, officially considered a good idea. Because it was cold and windy, we didn’t once get stuck behind people walking too slowly or stopping without warning, and there were no strollers. Soon we will be the ones with the stroller and will rule the world.

The bump on the High Line.


2 Comments on “Week 24”

  1. mbcoudal says:

    Love your blog! And your smile! Keep up the good work, simply gestating!

  2. LMS says:

    Ah, La Bonbonierre I will always remember that you took me there when I stayed with you for the Regina Spektor concert. And I will always remember that was the place where I told you Rob and I were expecting. 🙂 Viva The Bump!

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