Brunching while pregnant

I probably can’t blame my ordering of waffles and chocolate ice cream on the baby, but I am sure it’s the baby’s fault no other food in the world would have been an acceptable meal option this morning.

(They are whole wheat waffles, of course.)


Week 27

On, well, St. Patrick’s Day, we took the bump to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The benefit of attending parades in New  York City is that the people attending parades are a parade in themselves. Bonus.

Here is what the bump looks like at 27 weeks.

Week 28

After my waffles and ice cream brunch at the Washington Square Diner with our friend and current Kansas City resident, Liana, we, appropriately, walked over to Washington Square Park. And there we took pictures of the bump (and everyone behind the bump).



Hormones bestow many blessings on a pregnant person’s body, one of which is robbing the skin of oil and elasticity, leaving the skin dry and itchy. The hormones also help to create the right environment for a growing human being, a creature that subsequently grows larger and larger, causing your dry, itchy skin to stretch and become even more dry and itchy.

To a degree of success I used Burt’s Bees milk and honey lotion on my stretching belly in the mornings, but by the early afternoon my skin would begin to itch again. (This means the lotion worked for an impressive five to seven hours, so this is by no means a put-down of the lotion, which is not intended for the special needs of pregnant skin.) Being a Burt’s Bees fan – clearly – I visited their website toward the end of my first trimester and discovered the Mama Bee   products they offer. I ordered the body oil.

The first time I smelled the oil I decided I didn’t care if it actually worked. Did you know lemon and almond is the best smell in the world? But it does work. I put it on right after the shower and very rarely find myself scratching at any time of the day. I haven’t noticed any stains on my clothes from it, but I do give it a few minutes to dry before I put clothes on (about the time it takes me to brush my teeth).

The bottle is small, but you don’t need a lot of oil to do the job – unless you want to buy enough to fill your tub and sit in it forever, which I would never judge you for doing.

Week 26

The bump is getting bigger, as it should. Here are some more photos to prove it.

The bump in front of Butler Library.

Here the bump is on Columbia University’s campus. When the kid graduates from Columbia we’ll be sure to include this photo in the graduation album.

The bump on a Saturday morning at Columbia


As you can see, my shirts are starting to ride up. And as you can see, I don’t really care if I am in public when this happens.

Grocery shopping

I went grocery shopping. This is everything I bought.