The bump goes to Washington (Week 29)

Tim and I decided to go away for a weekend, somewhere we could get to by train, the only means of transportation I currently deem acceptable. Tim especially likes Washington, DC, and the vague urge to “go away” before the baby comes proved enough of a motivator to spend a weekend in our nation’s capital.

And, of course, bump photos were taken. I’m wearing an official maternity shirt in this photo, so I look especially pregnant. And if you’re wondering, yes, the shirt does have strings to tie; the sweater is just hiding them. You aren’t allowed to put a maternity tag on clothing unless it has strings.

The bump looks especially big in these photos at the Capitol. If I were laying on my back , I’d look just like the building.

However, the bump make my legs look skinny. Being evenly proportioned is overrated.

Not wanting to show partiality to the legislative branch, we also took a bump photo in front of the White House.  The photo was taken after the chaperones of a high school group bravely evacuated their students from the area before the students could read and comprehend the signs carried by a small group of Occupy DC protesters who marched in front of the White House. You don’t take students on a field trip out of town for them to be exposed to new ideas.

You’ve seen this dress before. You’ll notice, however, that I’ve now cut off the strings. And in case you doubted we were actually in Washington, DC, we were sure to include a Segway tour group in the photo for authenticity.

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