Fridays with Henry

9.6.2012 (sleep computer)

I returned to work in September, when I worked full time at home with Henry by my side. In October Henry started day care and I returned to work progressively – two days the first week, three days the second week, four days the third. Then I returned to the office full time. But I still worked from home on Fridays, with Henry.

Because I need to be available for set, consecutive office hours, my Fridays with Henry will come to an end in May. My almost-one-year-old is active and engaging and, though capable of extended independent play, understands that our time together is supposed to be spent reading books, clapping, blowing raspberries, eating, and pressing, shaking, and hitting things that make noise.

Losing this day with him will be harder than it was sending him to day care for the first time. So I’ve taken off every Friday in April off to spend with him to ease the transition (or probably just make it harder).

As Henry’s first birthday approaches I’ve already found myself, daily, thinking about last year at this time. Remembering last May is hard. This May will be hard. And I’ll be in the office five days a week for it all.


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