Outing report: Rock-a-Baby at City Treehouse

City Treehouse

This afternoon we took Henry to Rock-a-Baby at City Treehouse, which I found out about on Red Tricycle. I have taken Henry to story time/singalongs at the library, which he enjoyed even before he could bop along, so I was excited to find a music program aimed at babies, especially since Henry can bop along now.

One hesitation: Rock-a-Baby features puppets. Henry did not enjoy puppets the last time he encountered them, at school picture day (he is the only baby crying in the class photo). And by “hesitation” I of course mean “feature of the show I was most looking forward to.” Because why have children if you can’t delight in their torment? He noticed the puppets, but not enough to have any feelings about them. I got no crying baby photos this outing.

The show was $20 per child, $25 at the door. It was about an hour long and was for ages 0-3 (though one kid was definitely older and not cool about it). Two rainbow tumbling mats were laid out in front of the stage mostly, I’m sure, to preserve parents’ knees and to set a parameter for the chaos. We hung out in the back for this maiden voyage, mostly because Henry was a little tired, and the more tired he gets the more hair he pulls.

He was just as interested in crawling under the benches, slapping flat surfaces, and watching other people as he was in the music. But when we held him up and focused his attention on the musicians he clapped and waved his hands and bounced. Until he got redistracted by the shoe rack.

I’m writing about our outing mostly as a self-congratulatory homage to my effort to begin seeking out such activities and then following through by actually attending them. The top weekend activity in the Measured in Weeks household, if we aren’t attending brunch, is to spend the day in Central Park, which we don’t plan on changing, but it’s definitely worth taking advantage of some of New York’s many offerings once in awhile. And then making you read about them.


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