Outing report: Little Orchestra Society

Unlike the admirable promptness of my report of our previous outing, this one is, um, a few months late. But it’s still worth reporting on, because it was fun, and also because I need to document that we were cool New York City parents again. Congratulations to us.

In April we attended Little Orchestra Society‘s Fantasia live in concert. We went to Lincoln Center to watch the movie Fantasia while a live orchestra played the music from the movie. A friend from Lamaze class suggested the concert and it took me 1/8 of a second to decide we were going. Little Orchestra Society even offers pre-concert activities for the kiddos, but our group  decided mimosas were a better pre-concert activity.

The one picture I took that day occurred during our pre-concert activity on our friends’ terrace, when the sun began shining on Henry’s lightly haired head that needed sunblock since we forgot his hat:

Mohawk 2

Lincoln Center is the one place we’ve gone so far that charged for us our under-two-year-old child, but it was worth it, even if Henry fell asleep after the first song. He woke up for the end, which he watched with Tim in the back of the theater since he wanted more space to dance and sing.

After the show was over, the woman sitting next to me asked if Tim and I were American born and commented that Tim was a very attentive father. She also confirmed that having only child was okay.


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