Henry turns 1

In May Henry became 1 year old. We threw him two parties. With a theme, a theme that may or may not have been a last-minute decision based on guilt that I was using my son’s birthday as an excuse to day drink.

Party 1: Gangy and Pop Pop’s backyard

I took a few pictures … of the table I decorated. I wanted my son to know I loved him enough to decorate a table.

Upstate table

And commit to a theme.

Upstate fruit

We couldn’t feature ALL of the food the Very Hungry Caterpillar eats, because then I would win all of Pinterest.

I did manage to take one photo of my son at his very first birthday party. Probably another idea I stole from Pinterest.


People brought gifts even though I said not to, mostly because I didn’t want to have to open them in front of everyone, which I did. (Thank you, friends and family, for your very kind disregard.)

Party 2: New York City’s backyard (or, Central Park)

Or, the one where I actually remembered to give my child cake at his birthday (and take pictures of him). Or, the one where we learned that an entire birthday party can be transferred half a mile and up a hill with a jogging stroller and a laundry cart. Or, the one where we learned that one of the best decisions we’ve made so far as parents was to set up the party next to a big tree.

We used the same theme. Henry didn’t care.


And Henry ate way more strawberries than the caterpillar (and everyone else at the party).

But this is what he really did all day:



We did convince him to stop pushing the cart around for a few minutes to join in the day drinking.


Then it started raining, a weather event predicted by NO ONE. So we moved the table under the aforementioned tree, where we stayed perfectly dry. Thank you, Central Park.

Party guests

But not before Henry had his cake.


Followed by a well-documented second piece of cake, as documented by our friend Jay.


And this happened:


This kid is the best.


One Comment on “Henry turns 1”

  1. kstantonlee says:

    I feel equal parts grateful and swoony over this post. Grateful that you threw two awesome parties but weren’t obnoxious like lots of parents who put on their Pinterest pants and decided to brag about it on the internets. And swoony because Henry? My stars. He’s amazing.

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