16 months

Tongue (blog)

Henry turned 16 months old this month. This is how he feels about life.

(I know it’s a little obnoxious to measure age in months, but the difference between a 12-month-old and 23-month-old is pretty big, so months it must be for now. We can all have a big party in May.)

And now, some stats:

Favorite foods: Bananas, cheese, eggs, blueberries (all berries), spaghetti, cereal from Mommy and Daddy’s bowls.
Favorite books: Subway and Toot Toot Maisy.
Favorite words: Quack, hi Daddy, bye-bye Maisy (which sounds like “Deetee”).
Favorite toys: Rainbow stacker, picnic basket, spoons, bowls, TV remote, cell phones, any container with objects inside it that can be dumped and put in another container, laundry cart, doors, dresser drawers.
Favorite activities: Drumming, running, throwing, pressing screens with his fingers, whining about not being able to press screens with his fingers, being read to (sometimes just so he can say “the end” at the end), practicing animal noises, eating fruit, and climbing up slides, up stairs, on the couch, up the bookshelf, on top of anything.

My favorite parts about being his mother: Squeezing his belly every time I buckle him into his stroller or high chair, the hug I get when I pick him up from school, the bruises on my leg from where he climbs onto my lap after handing me a book to read, pretending to understand the important information he just told me, rocking him to sleep, making him laugh, him making me laugh, looking at him and seeing some of myself, seeing this every day:

Cheese (blog)

Giggle (blog)

Smile (blog)


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