But he’s so cute NOW

Quite often I worry that I’m not documenting Henry’s milestones well enough. I don’t have scrapbooks or baby books* – that’s what this blog is for. But we’ve already been through a whole year of firsts and the only one I’ve shared here is his first birthday.

There are plenty of adorable ways to document baby milestones (that you don’t even have to come up with yourself). But I’m sure even the mothers who do them all feel like they aren’t doing enough. So instead of trying to become something I’m not (someone who has patience for crafts and craft-like projects), I’ve accepted feeling guilty as a constant side effect of motherhood that I can tolerate and keep on living.

But all is not lost.

Here is what I do do:

  • Twitter. I created a @measuredinweeks account for some real-time documenting. I tweet about Henry but also about momness, parenthood, New York City and the sports teams we cheer for (which really falls under the category of family – go Bills!)
  • Instagram. I’m bad about adhering to the “instant” implication of the service and post pictures much later than I took them, but I’m getting a little better. And I have actually started tagging not-real-time photos as #latergrams, which is good, or people will think I’m at brunch at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.
  • E-mail. Soon after Henry was born I set up an e-mail address for him so that I could e-mail him when he does something new or funny. I even actually do it sometimes. It’s especially convenient since I can send e-mails from my phone, which was my primary documentation device for the first year of his life. Sometimes the e-mails are sentimental, but most of the time it’s “You just farted and laughed at yourself.”
  • New camera. Well, new to us anyway. This spring we bought a secondhand Canon someprofessionalmodel for half its original price. Then started taking pictures with it, some of which I even share here. We’re still working on taking good pictures with it.
  • Family photos. I had a friend who takes good photos take good photos of all three of us recently in Central Park. Stay tuned if you want to see them. I have a notion to even make cards and mail them. I mean, it only took me 6+ months to send out birth announcements. Up until the recent photo shoot, these were the only family photos I had:

Opening Day (blog)

This one is from Opening Day. We’re at a wing night upstate. Tim, Henry, me, and a glass of beer.

Pool (blog)

And this photo from this summer in my parents’ pool. We’re saving this one for a t-shirt tan contest.

  • Went through a back-up-all-of-our-photos-on-computers-and-hard-drives-and-the-cloud frenzy, including all cell phone photos from phones alive or dead. And I dare say we have, like, 13 or so good photos among the thousands. Success! Maybe I’ll even print them out. And hang them on walls. But I don’t want to push myself too hard.

So, if you’re like me, and the thought of choosing photos, printing them, putting them in frames, deciding where to hang those frames, then hanging the frames or doing anything else like it makes you want to instead build a blanket fort and hide from the scary decision making and the following through and read your Christopher Plummer memoir that you’ve been trying to finish for three months, then maybe one of the memory-capturing methods I’m capable of works for you.

What do you do capture memories?

*This does not mean I don’t value the worth of baby books or scrapbooks. A blog just works better for me, probably because I also get to talk about myself on a blog.


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