Thing That Should Happen: Toy Libraries

As I passed the library this morning on my walk to work I thought, “It would be great if the library also lent toys.”  What we don’t need in a small apartment (or even if we lived in a huge house) is a bunch of unplayedwith toys in a box/on a floor/under a couch/jammed in a closet taking up space. We could play with them for 14 or 21 days and give them back to the library! Which has lots of space! And we can renew the ones we like!

Turns out my idea isn’t even a little original:

USA Toy Library Association
The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library
Toys Go Round
Los Angeles County Toy Loan Program

Or, for a fee, you can rent toys:

Sparkbox Toys (U.S. based subscription service)
Pleygo (U.S. based subscription service for Legos)
Baby’s Away (U.S. based supplies and toys)

There are other local rental companies in the United States, and this option is available worldwide. This Travel Mamas post has a comprehensive list.

Maybe we’ll try one out …


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