Father’s Day 2014

Yup. I predated this to look like I posted it in June 2014. Suckers.

First, I must brag about our Father’s Day gift. Henry and I MADE Tim a book. Here it is:


We made Tim breakfast:

And went on our now-tradition-because-we-did-it-once bike ride in Central Park:

Then we all went home and took a nap.

I have not updated this blog regularly. I am going to work on “filling in” the missed time and be better at updating. I know a lot of people love Henry. We love you too.


Father’s Day: Put on your helmet

In my ongoing effort to not be too adequate a wife and partner, I can’t tell you what we did for Tim’s first Father’s Day. I think it was on a Sunday in June.

So I decided to make this Father’s Day an actual thing. Starting with sticky buns from our favorite local bakery Dunkin Donuts because the bakery with sticky buns didn’t open until hours after our day began. It started with Dunkin Donuts and this:

Father's Day swing

Henry likes to wake up at 5:30 so he can go to the park in his pajamas. But Henry and I did let Tim sleep in until 7:00 since it was such a special day.

Then we visited a local bike shop to rent bikes and helmets and go for a ride in Central Park. Henry was excited.

Father's Day selfie

And ready to go.

bike ride

But it was nap time.

bike nap

We managed to make it around the six mile loop just about twice. It was my first time experiencing Central Park as a bike rider. I was a little worried about crosswalk ignorers (but thank you for visiting and spending money in my city) in the south end of the park and the very serious bike riders, but their existence affected me no more as a bike rider than as a runner or walker. I liked riding in the park so much that I’ll likely soon ditch my husband and child and ride all by myself.

Note: I will ride in the park. This does not translate into me becoming a person who rides her bike often on a street that allows cars on it. The one time I rode a bike in New York City I got hit by a van. It was the van’s side mirror, and it tapped me on the shoulder as we both slowed down for a red light on a small street, and it was three years ago, but I got hit by a van. New York is becoming more biker friendly, it seems, which may mean more friendly bikers, but until the bike to car ratio more resembles Amsterdam, I’ll walk or run or ride our cheap and readily available public transit.

After our sweet bike ride we ate some cheese and fruit. And yogurt.


And we decided a Father’s Day tradition had begun.