Rise and shine

This week I began my self-inflicted summer hours, working 7-3. Because Tim is home for the summer, he can take Henry to and pick him up from day care. Because Tim is home for the summer, I can spend more time with Henry.

This is awesome for a couple reasons.

1. I get to spend more time with Henry.


2. Productive mornings at the office.


3. I get to walk to work just as New York City is waking up. It’s magical.


The first Friday back at work

A year ago today was my last Friday in the office before Henry was born.
Today is my first Friday back in the office after he was born.

Me on the outside:



Me on the inside:


Was that your cake?

I still have maternity days left to use. I will be taking them in the coming months. All of them. And here’s what I have to say about it:


Before you begin to (or while you openly) resent me, remember that the only reason I have this extra maternity time to use is because for a month and a half immediately after Henry was born I had a long, raw, down-to-the-uterus-deep wound that kept me homebound and severely hindered my ability to bond with my newborn son for weeks. I’d rather I weren’t so lucky.

If work offered me another 800 days of paid leave I’d take it and feel exactly the way Joey feels about eating his date’s cake. And I wouldn’t even bother wiping the frosting off of my face.

(blogging) Hiatus: Over

Sky Lake August 2012

Last time we talked, I was pregnant, had a baby, and was about to go back to work. I’ve now gone back to work, have an almost-nine-month-old, and plan to resume talking all about it here.

In the meantime, I’ve started a Measured in Weeks Twitter page: www.twitter.com/measuredinweeks. There I’ll be minimommyblogging and trying to be better about keeping Henry’s fans informed about how awesome he is.

Henry tweets at www.twitter.com/babyofnewyork.

Back to school

Classroom With Three Figures by Lavern Kelley, 1979.

Classroom With Three Figures by Lavern Kelley, 1979.

Tim goes back to work tomorrow. Henry and I will miss him very much. Send a good thought or two if you can spare them, mostly to Tim. (I’ll have tissues, Dawson’s Creek, and a beautiful baby to help me get through it.)